Bend Salmon Run—May 3, 2014

Join us at Earth Day 4/19 | Downtown | 11 am – 2 pm

Race shirts available for purchase!

Each year, the mighty Salmon make an expedition of a lifetime back to their homes – traversing thousands of miles and overcoming countless obstacles on their river journeys. The Salmon juxtapose the infinite space of their ocean homes against the micro-streams of their birth in one monumental run. Their achievement is awesome in the true sense of the word.

Little Fry are getting excited…

(click the picture below to see more artwork from some local Little Fry)


Join us in celebrating that amazing expedition at the 26th Annual Salmon Run!

On May 3, 2014, choose your own migratory distance – 5K, 10K or Half Marathon – and experience the awesomeness of that achievement as you complete your own Salmon Run!

Begin and end your adventure at Riverbend Park and imagine what a river journey could be like for the Salmon by running up and down the Deschutes River corridor in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Each finisher will receive a pine sapling to plant in honor of the Salmons’ achievements and your own.

Post-race festivities include a Salmon Haiku Contest and  Cuban Black Bean Vegetarian Chili topped with a cool salsa and cream provided by Vanilla Pine Catering; surely an incentive to get back to your “spawning grounds” as fast as you can!


Where is the Salmon Run?